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Gourmet Bread Dipper Board $58


Our first feature....and we are so happy to present a delicious combination featuring two different food artists.


This hand crafted bread board (by Tim White) is the foundation of this beautiful gift idea.  Each board is unique all onto itself, Tim cuts and sands down each depending on the personality of each board, making every single one beautifully unique.


Bread and Roses has created this exception rock salt and cracked pepper sourdough.  It is a lovely exceptional moist and dense baguette with pairs beautiful with the our little dipping concoction....


Mrs. McGarrigle's award winning cranberry port mustard finishes this combination off!  We have tucked the mustard into a wee piping bag so that you can create a lovely little design on the base of the provided dish then follow it with the vinegar and olive oil provided.  Dip and delish!!

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